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I had a one-month internship with BD Group, researching on rewards & benefits for the employees. I was thrilled after I received the offer from BD Group. The company already gave me a very good impression after timely emails and a pleasant interview, with very energetic and personable interviewers. On the first day, I was understandably nervous, but the team gave me a warm welcome. I was greeted kindly the moment I arrived. This is followed by a thorough introduction about the office, LondonEastUK campus, and health and safety. After hard work, it is always nice to get a cup of coffee and enjoy the food served in The Lab (they are amazing!)


The team is very supportive. Whenever I have a question, they will answer it right away, or direct me to the right person. I learned a lot about how it feels to actually work in HR, especially during a changing period. I was able to access plenty of HR resources and data, and I learned the HR career path through the talks with my colleagues, and also received some useful tips if I am to start in the industry. Furthermore, it enhanced my understanding of how decisions were made, how research is conducted and how to choose the right provider. Additionally, I talked to various demographics, including senior members, supervisors, cleaners and caterers, etc. I have to make sure the communication is clear no matter where the person is from and what their job is. This greatly improved my communication skills.


Overall, I think the highlight of the experience is how closely I worked with the HR team. I was able to see their day-to-day activities, and ask them anything I am curious about. This is further enhanced by the positive culture. Everyone in the office says hi to you, and they are always happy to help. I would definitely recommend the internship if anyone is thinking about starting a career in HR.

Junru – Intern, June 2023

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