Developing new talent 

Modern apprenticeships offer the opportunity to combine a recognised qualification with on-the-job real industry experience – whilst earning. We see value in offering this type of opportunity as it lets you work, learn and earn at the same time – a win-win for both parties!  

How it works

We contribute towards the costs of apprentices training and partner with local collegesuniversities and or training providers to support the learning element of the apprenticeship route.  


Apprenticeships can be completed at the following levels:

Level 2 | Intermediate
Level 3 | Advanced
Level 4 & 5 | Higher
Level 6 & 7 | Degree level


As an apprentice, you can expect to spend 20% of your time (that’s equivalent to one day per week) focussing on ‘off-the-job learning activities 


We work in conjunction with the college, university or training provider to build a suitable programme. Together, we will commit to a learning agreement which demonstrates both your and our commitment to learning and developing in your chosen area and new role.  


We want you to show us that you’re dedicated, willing to commit yourself to learning, and are passionate about what you’re applying for.  



An apprenticeship is a real job, but with a study element incorporated. As such, to apply you will need to:

  • Be aged 16 or over (in some roles, you need to be over 18 for health and safety reasons) – but there certainly is no upper age limit! 
  • Have the right to live and work in in England.


You may have to satisfy other employment requirements too, for example, any applicable pre-employment screening and any entry level requirements applicable to the roleThis will be stipulated per role.  


Our first apprentices joined us in Spring 2022 and have successfully enrolled onto their courses. Read on to hear about their experiences so far:

Cliona - HR Support Apprentice

"After finishing from school last year, I was unsure of what I wanted to do when some of my classmates were headed to college, and others were pursuing apprenticeships. What was supposed to be a summer job as Business Support at my family's waste recycling company in Barking turned into a ten month "summer job." I was in charge of projects I had no idea were related to human resources, but I thoroughly enjoyed the assignments I was given. The company I worked for was taken over, I took the opportunity to review my career and move on. This led me to joining the BD Group. I am currently completing an 18-month HR support apprenticeship at BD Group. I am enjoying it. I've settled in, even though I still have so much to learn. At first, I was overwhelmed by all the new information, but everyone has made me feel welcome and cared for. I am thrilled to begin my career in Human Resources at BD Group and look forward to what the future will bring".

Rachel - HR Support Apprentice

"Since joining BD group as an HR Support apprentice in April 2022, I am glad to say I am finding my feet within the company. I am enjoying meeting team members and learning about our diverse workforce. As a Psychology graduate unsure of the route I wished to take my degree, I examined business positions that may have piqued my interest. When I discovered HR and read what traits worked well in the department, I attempted to apply for the apprenticeship position with BD Group numerous times through various job boards since I was so excited about the opportunity. During my time at university, I encountered a vast array of people from many walks of life, and I believe that this experience shaped me into the individual I am today. In addition, my psychology degree taught me many new skills, including data analysis, research development, and, of course, the importance of good mental health and wellness, which is a great passion of mine and an area I hope to focus on the future HR work".

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