Opportunities for graduates 

Deciding how and where to enter the world of work can be tricky, even following completion of a degreeBD Group is an excellent place to start developing your career. We are proud to have begun our graduate programme, supporting top talent to develop and work alongside senior team members in challenging but fulfilling roles From day one, you can expect to be hands on and gain valuable on the job learning experience. 

How it works

Joining us in a graduate role, you will work as part of a team, receive support and mentoring and develop invaluable practical experience. In some roles you’ll do this alongside your professional qualifications and depending on your position, we can support you with achieving this 



Graduates with relevant academic subjectsa degree in a relevant discipline and who possess a strong work ethic and positive attitude are welcome to apply for our graduate opportunities 


Career Progression

All employees displaying the right attitude and ability can expect to progress within the organisation. Working in small teams results in early responsibility and a good level of exposure to working with senior and experienced members of the team. This lends well to career development and progression which is based on performance and ability. 


Graduate Opportunities

Our Graduate opportunities will be advertised on our jobs page.  If you are interested in working with us, but can't find what you are looking for, click hereto register for alerts to be the first to find out about when new opportunities are advertised. 


Our first targeted graduate hires joined us in Summer 2022 into ICT and Quantity Surveying roles 

Rahat - Graduate Quantity Surveyor

When did you join?

June 2022

Tell us a little bit about you…

Since college I have always had an interest in the construction industry. The fast-paced environment and the growing industry has been a huge factor in deciding for my career path.

During my time at college I studied, math’s, the built environment, and engineering. From there I developed an interest in quantitative work and surveying, I enjoyed visiting and seeing the progress and development on sites.

Prior to my role at BD Group, I was able to shadow a surveyor at another firm to understand the daily working of a surveyor, what goes into doing the role and the business from the quantity surveyors’ side which confirmed my interest in the area of work.

Tell us about your motivations for applying for this role…

In terms of my motivation to apply for this role with BD Group, I thought it was a great opportunity to get my foot in the door and explore the industry further. After reading about BD Group, seeing the company’s prospects, and discovering the community work BD Group does around the borough it became very apparent to me that I would be a good addition to this business.

Tell us how you found the application process…

The application process was smooth, the communication before and after the job offer was very comprehensive and I was kept in the loop. Deanna and Trevor from HR were very welcoming and helped me through all of the steps when onboarding. Simon who is now my line manager was also very welcoming and had shown me through the ropes with a lot of the work.

And onboarding…

Onboarding was amazing, I was given a tour of the surrounding buildings around the office. Shortly after I was introduced to the Major works team, instantly felt a part of the team and welcomed with open arms.

I was set up on all platforms and given all necessary devices on my first day. The HR team had kept me informed about my onboarding and I was able to come in to see all my accounts set up and ready for me to use.

My manager has kept me by his side whilst showing me through some of the processes. I was eased into my responsibilities and taught all the correct procedures.

Now you’ve been here a while, tell us a bit about your role…

My team consists of 8 people, and all are assigned roles to help through the process. My team are knowledgeable so at first when I did have an issue or needed help on anything I had 7 other people to turn to.

The role as a Quantity Surveyor here is an exciting role, we manage a lot of tasks and every day there is something new to tackle. Everyday I’m motivated knowing that I’m able to help someone throughout the borough receive the care and attention needed in their property.

Within my time here I have been introduced to new systems, working closely with the financial side of the business has allowed me to develop and I regularly approve orders and invoices, using the software Sage500.

Tell us how you have developed…

Since my start here I have been involved in the quantity surveying side of various projects, including planned large scale works on some of the biggest tower blocks the borough. I’ve been heavily involved in the Decent Homes Program which supplies the kitchens and bathrooms and other major works throughout the borough.

I have also supported the Commercial Manager throughout my time here and have learnt a lot about other aspects of the business.

I have also been in contact with various clients including the local Council and others working on multiple different workstreams in the borough such as, Aids and Adaptations, Internal and External Refurbishments and Building/Blockwork and Fire safety projects.

I believe since my start here at BD Group I have made a massive impact on all the workstreams I have been involved in. I have taken on many tasks and opportunities in which I have strived to contribute to and add value. I have created new and efficient ways of working and have developed alongside my team to create an enjoyable and efficient working environment.

Moksuhd - Graduate ICT Officer

When did you join?

Autumn 2022

Tell us a bit about yourself and your interest in IT….

I studied Business Information Systems (BIS) at the University of Westminster. Having always been curious in technological advances that help shape our society, paired with a passion for the world of business and trade, I felt that BIS was the perfect course to help me explore such interests and equip myself with newfound knowledge. There have been many highlights in studying BIS from model prediction of stock markets, strategising existing business models for startup clients and creating mobile applications with a fully supported back-end database.I’ve always dreamt of creating my own applications and processes, which I am grateful to say I have achieved thanks to BD Group. I am proud that I have built upon and am now able to use my knowledge to develop vital applications used by hundreds of staff to streamline their work and make our company and community systems safer and more efficient.

What led you to this role…

My career in IT started with a recruitment firm based in London where I was a support engineer for staff members both on a domestic and international scale. During my time I gained a sound understanding of how IT plays a pivotal role in an organisations business model, along with best business practices. I then decided to challenge myself further and undertook a more demanding role with a managed service provider (MSP), where I was responsible for supporting multiple clients as opposed to inhouse users. I gained exposure to various colleagues and stakeholders, helping to improve my interpersonal skills and problem-solving skills. I was also involved with teaching computer science within a secondary school, this experience helped define me as a professional, boosted my confidence and public speaking and helped me to understand the psychology behind how best to motivate individuals.

All of these experiences have assisted me on my journey as an IT Officer and I am now able to confidently understand and adapt to client requirements and offer relevant solutions which are in the best interest of the company.

Tell us what attracted you to this role…

Having the responsibility of developing future systems to streamline and improve the lives of others fuelled my passion to work as an IT Officer for the BD Group. The position entailed the development and management of systems using new innovative technology. This was an opportunity I could not pass as I saw the opportunity to gain exposure to new systems. BD Group appealed to me as I share the same core values of making a positive economic, environmental, and social change having previously worked in a school within the borough.

Describe your experience in applying and joining us…

The application was relatively simple and consisted of an initial online application followed by a phone call and an interview meeting. The interview consisted of meeting the head of IT and resourcing partner. It was a very easy-going conversation covering of my academic history, past experiences, and future expectations. Straight, simple, and effective. Onboarding was wonderful, I felt welcomed from the first day from the receptionist, manager, HR, and training teams. I was glad to see the company took great importance towards training and education with a dedicated training program.

Tell us a bit about your role now you’ve started…

The IT department is a new team, comprising of me and the Head of ICT - however the department is likely to expand further in the near future. We seek to improve carious business processes and shape them in line with continuous quality management standards (ISO 9001). This is extremely interesting as it will help prepare me for a role in IT management and compliance in the future. Current projects include creating a variety of applications to be used by our operatives on site to improve their workflow. Unfortunately, there are challenges on this project due to company licensing. New systems which I have been exposed to include Azure DB, MS Power Apps and MS Flow.

Tell us about developments and achievements so far…

One major project I have been involved with included the companywide phone upgrade and sim swap which I successfully completed within 2 weeks. This is a huge accomplishment which I am proud to have been part of and have signed-off, especially given it had been ongoing for over a year prior to my arrival. I was handed the project with a 2-week deadline and with the support of my manager and other key team members, I managed to finish porting the remaining users by the deadline. Throughout the project I was regularly communicating with a range of stakeholders including Heads of Departments, Technical Project Delivery Managers, and the Business Support Officer. I felt my work made a real impact on the business and I helped cut costs of up to £3,000 by investigating and analysing contracts and data. Since joining the Group I have had involvement in a wide variety of tasks ranging from enrolling new devices to building apps. I am looking forward to continuing my work with the company and identify further methods of streamlining existing business practices. One challenge includes the integration of our HR systems with other IT and training programs.

I am proud that I have received recognition for my positive contribution and work alongside our Head of IT. The business is looking to acquire new cloud-based solutions which I am extremely optimistic about and excited to be involved with. In terms of support, I have been working quite independently and do not require major support with regards to software development.

Plans for the future…

I plan to attend a range of CPD events and IT conferences in the future with the aim of gaining further insight and exposure to latest industry trends and updates. My goal is to become fully competent in ISO 9001 regulations to help understand successful project management. Moving forward I will seek to continue developing my knowledge within Agile Project Management to help improve further decision making when contributing to future change at BD Group.

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